Primitive Carrot  - 18"
Primitive Carrot  - 18"
Primitive Carrot  - 18"

Primitive Carrot - 18"

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Primitive Carrot  - 18"

Includes: 1 - Primitive Carrot  - 18"

Color: Multiple

Measures Approx.: 13"

Processing Time: Up to 2 Weeks

If you are local only, please use the local coupon code "LOCALPUP" to avoid shipping charges.  If you require SHIPPING, please do NOT use the local coupon code.

PLEASE NOTE: Carrots are lath material.  The stem is stapled on the back.  These are ROUGH cut.  ALL CARROTS are not the same & stems will vary.  PLEASE SEE LIVE VIDEO HERE for reference.  The 3rd photo of two carrots show how the stems are attached; however, you will only receive ONE carrot.

Please Note: Greenery and/ other photo props NOT included.  Color may appear differently on your monitor or other device.