Fall Metal Pumpkin Wall or Door Decor

Fall Metal Pumpkin Wall or Door Decor

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The perfect addition to your fall decor! Raw Steel gray and some rust may appear on your pumpkin! Each pumpkin will vary from picture due to the natural aging process of steel as well as each pumpkin being hand crafted.  

This adorable 12" pumpkin is made from solid 14 gauge steel.  Two holes are placed on the pumpkin for easy hanging or wreath attachment. 

** Due to natural aging of steel your pumpkin may rust over time, this is natural and only ads to the rust touch of fall we know and love. 

Handcrafted in Missouri. 

Processing of product: 1-2 weeks and priority Mail 1-3 days is used for shipping. 

**Please note that the pumpkins will NOT be embellished as seen in some of our online photos.