"You Are So Lucky"

Here is the scene:  cart is loaded with all kinds of paint, sealers, paint brushes and sign making supplies.  Never fails, cashier says, "Doing a big craft project?"  Now you know that funny comedian..."Here's your Sign?"  Every single time I want to say, "Nope, just like to huff paint and sealer, here's your sign!"  BUT of course I would never say it.  I just smile and say, "I am a sign maker."  Cashier, "Oh really, wow you are so lucky to get to craft all day."  I am not kidding this happens almost every time I go shopping for supplies.   Of course a business card is always passed with a smile and a short 15 second elevator speech because that's just what we do to promote our businesses right? 

In some ways I understand, I get why they think that and from the outside looking in, I do seem pretty lucky.  When they say this I just smile and say, "I guess so."  What I really want to say is luck had nothing to do with it.  I work 7 days straight many many weeks, I work 10-15 hours a day and sometimes even 18!  I spend countless hours researching trends, making new designs, only to find that special design I just knew was going to be a top seller, never sells.  I am the secretary, the designer, the office manager, the copy machine girl, the coffee maker, the housekeeper, the painter, the gopher, the mom, the boss, the one trying to keep it all together, all day, every day.  I would never change it for the world, but you see it's not luck, it was a choice.  I made the choice to put my business sometimes before my own family, myself and my husband.  I made the choice to take a risk and see how far we can push it.  I made the choice to leave my full time career and risk it all for this business.  Adventurous is a great word to describe small business owners, but not "Lucky."

You see when I think of luck, I think someone has fallen into a fortune or something happened that was really really good just because that person was there.  Winning the lottery would be a good example of luck!  Now don't get me wrong I do understand they are being friendly, but this does happen almost every single time I go to get supplies.  After 5 years of being in business and hearing this almost weekly, (you would think the cashiers would know me by now, but even the same ones ask this)  I really would like to scream...I am NOT lucky...I am adventurous, I am addicted to working, I am creative, I am blessed with talents and the ability to want to learn, I am many many things, but lucky is not one of them.   

We have to had to work for everything Clinton and I have.  No inheritance here, just the sweat and determination to want more and to live our dream.  So you see cashier, although I know you are being nice and I understand exactly from where you stand, it is small talk and you see it as being lucky, I can appreciate that.  I just want to let you know, it was a choice and you can be "Lucky" too. 

Follow your heart, have determination and a lot of hustle (and pots of coffee) are the keys to being "Lucky."

Cheers from my coffee cup to yours! 

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