RiOak Interview with Mindy- Our full time Painter

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a pretty special lady here at RiOak.  

Mindy has been working for us for 2 1/2 years now.  She has seen some pretty major changes since she started here and has been a huge influential part of RiOak.   

Mindy and I went to H.S. together and have known each other for a while.  She took a RiOak paint class a few times and sent me a message on Facebook and stated, "Hey if you need any help I would love to come out and help you, I love to paint and would like to help if you need it."  I was in a busy season and I really did need some help so I said, "Yes, please come out a couple days this week."  This is where Mindy's journey with RiOak began.  I quickly realized how much more product we were able to produce.  I also learned that Mindy was an organizer... my shop had never looked so clean before!  After a few weeks I asked her if she would like to work 2 to 3 days a week and she agreed.  Those days quickly turned into to 3-4 days a week as our business continued to expand quickly. Mindy now works full time painting many orders, packaging, organizing, keeping me sane and doing whatever needs to be done just to get the job done.  She goes above and beyond her job duties here and we are so thankful she agreed to come out and "Help" a couple years ago. 

Interview with Mindy: 

Favorite Sign to Paint:  "I love to paint the home signs and large ones, they are just fun."

Least Favorite Job Task: "Cleaning Stencils" 

Favorite Part of Working at RiOak:  "I love to be the first one to paint a new design and see how it looks painted." 

How Would You Describe RiOak: Loyal and Quality.

Here at RiOak I guess you could say we are more like family than boss/employee relationships.  Mindy is pretty much "Aunt" status here to my girls and even when we are not working together we are chatting on Facebook at night at least a few times a week.  We take pride in our staff here and appreciate them more than they will ever know. 


Cheers from our coffee cup to yours, 



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