"How can you work with your spouse?"

Clinton and I have both heard it time and time again.  "How can you work with your husband/wife, I would kill mine."  "I could never work with my husband/wife."  

Our answer, "It's really not bad at all."  Here is a little background that I am pretty proud of.  Picture this.  You are 15 on a school bus holding hands with a guy you just think is pretty cute, your palms are sweating but neither one of you let go, you reach over and give him a peck on the cheek.  This was the start to our relationship.  Our teenage love quickly grew  into being more serious.  We both went away to college but somehow continued to stay together even with distance.  Fast forward 18 years later here we are, married, two children and a growing business that we run together.  He is my best friend above everything and I still think he is pretty handsome. He is the rock to our family and I always know he has my back and I have his. 

Are there days I get on his nerves and vise versa?  YES!  But most days, it's awesome. The one thing Clinton and I do is talk (he would say I talk a lot and he just listens).  Many evenings we sit on our porch after dinner, while the girls take a bath and we talk.  Sometimes about family, other days about bills, business, deadlines, and sometimes it is nothing at all and we just sit there.  

I think it works because we are not always in the same room together, he works in the wood shop and I work in the paint shop, but we always meet up to discuss business and what needs to be done.  I really don't think of myself as a boss or Clinton being a boss, we just run our business together.  Each one of us has a vital role here at RiOak and it takes both of us (with our employees) to make it all happen.  I think we have created a well oiled machine together and it honestly is pretty awesome getting to be with my husband everyday. 

Now before you start thinking well no marriage is perfect and no life is perfect.  You would be correct.  NO we are not perfect, we do not have the "IDEAL" life, but what we do have is an amazing marriage, that we have worked hard for and continue to work on day in and day out. I am proud of us!  Clinton and I had very good examples of what marriage is supposed to look like.  Both of our parents have been married for 38 years this year, they are truly amazing!  I always tell young married couples, make sure to be best friends.  The butterflies will appear every once in a while when you are married but many of them are replaced with poop filled diapers, never ending bills and laundry piles, a house that always needs to be cleaned and all those dishes!  All of these things are life, butterflies in your stomach are not always there, so to be best friends is the key to any great marriage in my opinion.  

Could you work with your spouse? It's actually pretty fun! 

Cheers from my coffee cup to yours,   





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  • Hey Ashley, I work with my husband as well. Your right, most days are good not to say there aren’t a few. If I know he is in a mood, I stay in my office and don’t bother him. We are best friends and high school sweet hearts as well. So it’s Good!

    Jackie Woody

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