DIY Dollar Tree Pears

DIY Dollar Tree Fruit Makeover.  

I love shopping the isles of dollar tree and seeing exactly what I can make from the items I find there.  Today we are going to transform these pears from ugly to farmhouse in a matter of minutes.  

Supply List: 

3 Pears

Apple Barrel Gray and White Paint

Paint Brush

Cost is under $5! 

Dollar Tree Fruit

You will start out by covering all of your pairs with Gray paint.  This step can be repeated twice to get a really good coverage over the  yellows and bright reds.  Let dry in between coats.  

(TIP)  Hold by stem and turn as you need, let dry and then paint bottom and lay on the side.  This will need to be repeated at each step. 

After the Gray has fully dried you will take your paint brush and take the tip and dip it into the white.  You don't want your paint brush fully covered as we want the gray showing through to make the pears have a cement look to them. 

Lightly brush your paint brush over the pears to get the desired coverage you want.  Once you are happy let dry completely and flip over to do the bottoms. 

At times the paint will have a crackle effect and each piece will turn out different.  I love this project with all of the Dollar Tree Foam decor pieces as each one will take on a beautiful Farmhouse look without the Farmhouse cost. 

Dollar Tree Pears

Watch the Video Tutorial on our Dollar Tree DIY day.


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